The Cool Wool T-shirt Contest

The Woolmark Company, a leading wool textile organization, wanted to spread awareness about Cool Wool- a range of ultra lightweight merino wool fabric suited for all type of climatic conditions including Summers.

Sirez had to come up with an interactive idea to engage the online users with the fabric and spread awareness about the Cool Wool.

Idea & Execution

One of the greatest misconceptions about the woolen fabrics is that it can be used only in cold climates. So, we thought to associate cool wool with the most preferred attire in Summers - T-shirts.

Sirez came up with the 'The Cool Wool T-Shirt Contest'. A Facebook application was designed for the contest using which the users could submit their Cool Quotes. The Quotes submitted appeared on a virtual T-Shirt in the application. All the Quotes appeared in a gallery in the application where they could also be shared on various social media platforms.

The activity was
At the end, the top 50 entries were gratified with exclusive Merino Wool T-shirts personalized with their own Cool Wool quotes..

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