The Debut for Wills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle 'The Debut' is an annual All India Design Competition organised by ITC Limited for the final year fashion design students of selected design institutes of the country.  However, this contest was earlier restricted only to a universe of 250 students from a few selected fashion design institutions of the country.

Our Challenge here was to take this contest beyond only a few students and involve amateur and budding designers along with the fashion enthusiasts from all across the country in the competition.

Idea & Execution

Sirez came up with an interactive Facebook contest for amateur fashion designers where they could showcase their creativity and designing skill to win a wild card entry to the regional rounds of ‘The Debut.’

The participants could upload their sketches and/or photos of their physical garment designs through the application. All the entries were put on display online in a picture gallery where the users could vote for their favourite designs. The entries had commenting, voting and sharing options.


  • The 2012 edition of ‘The Debut’ received 300 entries
  • A total of 26,506 votes and 5278 comments were received on the entries combined
  • The contest page received over 60,000 visits during the contest period
  • Getting an immensely positive result through Facebook, Wills Lifestyle has kept this contest as a regular feature on its official facebook page

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