Omni Commerce

Businesses today have reached a stage where everything revolves around their customer experience. To provide them with such astounding experiences, brands need to be present at every touch point.

Sirez is a premium partner of Omni Enabler, an industry first, enterprise grade platform, that provides seamless integration across all the selling channels like, retail, website, mobile, call centre, social media and e-mails.

It has been built on service-oriented architecture and comes loaded with all the key modules, namely, Purchase Management, Order Management, Warehouse Management, Offer Management, Loyalty Program, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics & Reporting and Reverse Logistics

This will keep your customers satisfied, while giving you detailed insights about their behavior, buying patterns, etc. Thus, helping you to further enhance your customer services and be on top of the league!


While customer expectations are continually rising, as a brand it gets important for you to facilitate smooth online shopping experience for your customers. We, at Sirez provide e-commerce solutions to our clients through an open source platform Magento and our custom solution Ezy Cart.

To enhance the consumer experience further, we not only pay attention to customer activities closely, but also deliver highly relevant solutions. Our solutions have been used by brands across industries such as:

  • Travels
  • F & B
  • Grocery and
  • Fashion Retail

In no time, your brand would be delivering exceptional services while being digitally visible. Your customers wouldn’t have any reason to go elsewhere!


Using a CRM system, we let companies know more about the customers and keep a track of their business performance during pre and post sales. It puts an end to flipping through a cluttered inbox, spreadsheet, website or social media in order to extract feedback and conversations. By integrating a CRM solution, teams can stay updated about social media marketing activities including content, email and calls with customers & clients.

It allows easy data management, better customer support, automated sales management, performances tracking and transparent team communication by using real time quotes and analytics. A one-stop solution to help your business grow and manage all the tasks effectively!

Digital Transformation

Emerging and existing Digital Technologies induce transformation in customer behavior and expectations. At Sirez, we recognize this shift and give suitable and sustainable solutions to our clients so that, they can leverage these changes as opportunities. Our development of new proficiencies revolves around the ability to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, streamlined and customer centric to adapt to the new status quo. Due to this, our clients are able to have an impact across society in a calculated and prioritized way that aids them with present and future state of minds.

With this information-powered ecosystem, brands are able to develop new revenue sources and have an edge over their competitors!

Channel Loyalty

To have a sustainable business it is vital for a brand to build loyal sales partner relationships. With our Channel Loyalty solution, Partner First, your brand would be able to blend in the best practice loyalty methodology with strategic incentive programs. It would assist you to build long lasting and healthy relationships with your partners. Moreover, our solution uses tailored segmentation strategies, where the incentives are personalized and communication is targeted. It facilitates in retaining loyal partners and motivating underperforming channels.

At Sirez, we believe in forging mutual beneficial relationships for a long-term loyalty and giving you a competitive market edge.

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