Kent RO

One of India's first RO Water Purifier manufacturers, Kent RO owns a fair share of the water purifier market in India. Being a health care company, Kent RO is quite active on social media and constantly educates the consumers about the importance of water and its conservation. Kent wanted us to create a campaign which resonates across the nation and increases user interaction for the brand massively.

Idea & Execution

Monsoon is a time when people extensively express their emotions on social media and the networking platforms somehow transform into nostalgic confession junctions. To cater the requisite, Sirez initiated ‘# MyLiquidStory’ for Kent on Twitter. The contest, as expected, created a buzz and celebrated the ‘Top trending #tag’ in India.


The story reached to more than 9000 Twitteraties. As the story went on to become the talk of the town, it deployed more than 2200 tweets with more than 18000 impressions, subsequently increasing the twitter followers for Kent by a decent number.

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