EssiPro App for Essilor

World leader in spectacle lenses, Essilor is one of the dominant players in the Indian corrective eyewear market with Varilux and Crizal as its key brands. Although the products offered by Essilor are of superior quality, but there is no perceptible difference in the product appearance when compared to it's cheaper local competitors. In a price point driven market like India, this posed a challenge for the brand. This challenge is further amplified by the indifferent nature of the personnel selling the product at the retail stores.

Idea & Execution

We came up with an interactive tool to demonstrate the superiority of the products. The app was designed to:

  • Educate the users about eyesight problem, symptoms & solutions
  • Inform the users about Essilor brands and the products offered therein
  • Demonstrate the advantages of different products through graphics & videos
  • Allow the users to do a comparison between products

The app was named EssiPro, since it performed the function of an eye care expert and explained complex eye related problem to the users in a simple and effective way.

App is being used across Essilor brand outlets and multi brand outlets by sales personnel to educate the buyers and to help them make an informed purchase decision.

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