Carlton London's Website Revamp

Carlton London is a UK based brand specializing in trendy footwear & fashion accessories.

They manufacture a wide range of products including footwear, handbags, sunglasses, wallets & belts for men and women.

Carlton London was looking for a renovation of their existing website and asked us to revamp it with advanced functionalities and simplified but richer user experience.

Idea & Execution

We toiled our way to create a website, which was more responsive, more intuitive and had lesser user clicks.

The team managed to successfully surpass the client’s requisition on all the touch points. The new website has advanced functionality with 'jquery’ making it easier to explore and shop online without hassle in minimal time.

Carlton London’s current website helped the brand in rejuvenating it’s online presence as well as gave its users an enhanced experience.

The UI

The Mighty Homepage


Fully Responsive

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