Canon India's - 'What makes us Click'

Canon India has started its campaign 'What makes us Click' revolving around spontaneously clicking all the interesting moments of everyday life. The TVC of this campaign mentioned a clicking moment corresponding to each letter of the English alphabet.

Sirez has to come up with a interesting and engaging activity to create a buzz about this Campaign on the Social Media.

Idea & Execution

Sirez came up with the 'What makes us click' contest on the official Facebook page of Canon India.

A Facebook application was created for the contest. The 60 sec TVC of the campaign was sliced into 26 slices corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. 5 slices out of the 26 randomly appeared in the application and the users were asked to identify the alphabet each slice represented.

The contest application also had a timer to record the time each participant took to complete the quiz. The participants could also share their score/timings and invite their friends to participate in the contest.

Each day, a lucky winners was gratified with a Canon camera considering the score and time taken.


  • The Contest ran for a duration of 20 days from April 11 to April 30, 2012
  • The Canon India Facebook page received over 96,000 new Likes during the Campaign
  • Over 31,300 people participated in this Contest

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