Sustainable Habitat Challenge

Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified company, offering a wide array of products and solutions, people use everyday to create a positive impact in their world.

Our challenge here was to take a special initiative and communicate the online audience about the company’s constant endeavor towards nurturing ideas and technological innovations that lead to a cleaner, greener and better planet.

Idea & Execution

Sirez came up with idea of 'The Sustainable Habitat Challenge'.

Targeted primarily towards students, young professionals and innovators, this challenge gave people a platform to showcase their ideas while taking the initiative of creating 'Sustainable Habitats' that will be low on cost, high on innovation and technology by building a set of low cost dwellings, for differing climatic zones.

A website was created for this initiative. The users could read about the need of sustainable habitats in today’s world, get information about the challenge and finally submit their entries contest through the website.

At the end, the best idea chosen by an esteemed panel of judges was declared as the winner and sponsored by Ingersoll Rand.

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