Smart citizen app

Ingersoll Rand is a global diversified company , offering a wide array of products and solutions ,people use everyday to create a positive impact in their world. The company is known for its technological innovations and initiatives for environmental conservation.

The company entered the social media space with its Facebook page. We had to communicate the brands philosophy of concern for the environment and educate the users about conservation of energy resources.

Idea & Execution

We created an app named Smart Citizen, which focused largely on energy optimization.

The participants were given different scenarios of household and daily life, in which they had to use the resources while optimizing the energy by answering a few questions.

This app was aimed at educating people on energy conservation and to make them use their daily life instruments more intelligently. One could also learn about various forms of energy and get energy conservations tips in the contest application.

At the end, the participant who optimized the energy best in the least time was gratified.

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